Fairly Dry Weather over Tamil Nadu expected

While South Tamil Nadu has been getting isolated heavy rains over the last couple of days Dry Weather over Tamil Nadu is expected to prevail over most of the state for the next couple of days.  As things stand most of Peninsular India could be under the influence of a developing high pressure over Central India.

Northeast Monsoon Update: Many places in South Tamil Nadu recorded moderate to heavy rains yesterday with Kanyakumari recording 87 mm till 5:30 AM in the morning while neighbouring Nagercoil recorded 49 mm for the same time.   Other places like Sivakasi, Radhapuram, Sattankulam & Lower Kothaiyar also recorded moderate rains yesterday.


These rains are expected to slow down from today as the influence of the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation in Southwest Bay is expected to fade away under the influence of dry continental air expected to be pushed into most parts of Peninsular India in the next couple of days.  We could see more Northeasterly winds for the next few days unlike the Easterlies which were giving rains for places South of Pondicherry. As things stand we could start to see Northeast Monsoon slow down over most parts of Peninsular India and proper winter setting in as we get towards the new year.

Chennai Weather Update:  Winter like conditions to continue over Chennai during late nights and early mornings.  Day time temperature could be a degree or so higher than normal thanks to the clearer skies.  Max temperature expected to be around 31° – 32°C while night time minimum temperature could be around 22°C.