Hot & Humid Weather in Tamil Nadu to continue, chance for Isolated Rains

To say the last few days Weather in Tamil Nadu has been hot is an understatement.  The entire month of August has been resembling summer like conditions with most places recording above average temperatures.  While the early part of the month was conspicuous by the absence of Sea Breeze the second fortnight seems to indicate clearer skies and higher maximum temperatures which peak around Noon before the advent of sea breeze.   The prevailing W/NW winds have been predominantly the reason for Weather in Tamil Nadu to stay this warm.


Along with Tamil Nadu rest of East Coast along Coastal Andhra Pradesh has also been bearing the brunt of this combination of clear skies & moistureless atmosphere and W/NW winds resulting in spikes in temperature all along the coast. One look at the Temperature anomaly chart indicates how Peninsular India and in particular the East Coast stands out in terms of abnormally hot tempearture.  Starting from possibly Tirunelveli district all the way up to East Godavari the entire coastal areas has seen the temperature on an average hotter by 2 / 3 degrees during the last 10 days or so.


In the meanwhile elsewhere in East India the Low Pressure currently lying over Gangetic West Bengal is expected to move in a Westward direction and bring in more rains to the region.  Some places in Bengal like Bankura, Malbazar etc has already recorded about 10 cms rainfall since yesterday morning while Kolkata has recorded about 6 to 7 cms of rains.  As the low pressure becomes a well marked one aided by the monsoon trough and moves west parts of Jharkhand, Bihar and East UP will possibly get heavy rains during the day.


In Peninsular India things are expected to pick up in West coast with isolated places getting moderate spells of rains while South Coastal TN could see some places get moderate thunderstorms in the stretch between Nagappattinam & Ramanathapuram.  Isolated places in North Coastal TN also stand a chance for some light rains.

Chennai is expected to see a daytime temperature of around 35 degrees with sea breeze once again setting in by noon. Humidity will be fairly high due to partly cloudy skies and sea breeze.  Places to the Southwest of Chennai could get isolated thunderstorms.