Monsoon 2016 remains active in Central India, while rest of country goes dry

In what has been the pattern for most time of this year Monsoon 2016 has been active over the Central Indian region bringing in heavy rains on a regular basis. Parts of Madhya Pradesh saw flooding rains during June once again to be be repeated now as places in Gangetic Plains like UP, Bihar coming under floods this time around.  The last couple of tropical disturbances have pretty much moved along the same path partially aided by the location of the monsoon trough bringing in near continuous rains.


As one looks at the precipitation anomaly chart it becomes very obvious how while the Central Indian region seems to be getting excess rains the rest of the country has been going pretty much dry indicating the lopsided Monsoon 2016 that is happening this year since July.  If one ignores the rainfall pattern around the Central India latitude the only other places with decent positive anomaly is the interiors of Peninsular India and a small patch of West Coast near the Shahyadri region.


Temperatures are expected to stay around 37 degrees over most parts of Tamil Nadu while the coastal areas could see temperatures stay low.  Sea breeze is expected to modulate the temperature rise today as well along with possibly triggering some thunderstorms as well.  Chennai could see day time max of around 35 degrees as remnant thunderstorms in the region from overnight rains plus early sea breeze could keep temperatures under check.


Areas around Pudukottai / Sivaganga district is likely to see another good day of thunderstorms today while there is some chance of rains in the North TN area as well around 100 kms off the coast as a bit of convergence is expected giving some rainfall possibility.  A possibly developing off shore trough could aid in the rains coming back to West Coast of Peninsular India and a much needed revival of Monsoon 2016 to Coastal Karnataka & Kerala.