Heatwave in Tamil Nadu set to return from tomorrrow

After a few days of respite Heatwave in Tamil Nadu is set to comeback along with the rest of the region.  The last few days has seen some bit of easing of hot weather both in terms of marginal reduction in the day time temperatures and also in the form of some much needed rains in the interior region.

All this is set to change in the coming week starting from tomorrow as we are set to welcome the peak summer period for Tamil Nadu.  Coinciding with the advent of Tamil New Year’s Day temperatures start to increase across the region with Sun almost at a straight angle to this part of the world.


Most of South India is expected to come under the scorching sun this week with temperatures anomalies touching 2 / 3 degrees above normal as expected by numerical models.  The Heatwave in Tamil Nadu along with rest of the region is expected to start from tomorrow with quite a few places in North Tamil Nadu expected to see oppressive day time conditions and the day time temperature touching 40 in a few places.


Things are expected to further heat up on Tuesday with more places coming under these conditions with Wednesday & Thursday possibly seeing the peak in this Heatwave in Tamil Nadu both in terms of temperatures and spatial effect.  While it appears the chances of Chennai touching 40 degrees during this spell is not very high we could see temperatures falling just short of 40 and possibly seeing our hottest days of 2016 so far.  The day time maximum temperature in the coastal belt of about 30 / 40 kms width will possibly the only stretch in Tamil Nadu that is unlikely to come under these oppressive conditions.

Ready Steady Po for Heatwave in Tamil Nadu