Summer in Tamil Nadu, Get Set Go.

We have been shown a taste of Summer in Tamil Nadu over the last few fortnights in bits and pieces particularly around the middle of March when the interiors were sizzling under the afternoon heat for days together.  After a few false starts Summer in Tamil Nadu is expected to pick up pace once for all from today in what is likely to be the hottest period of the state.

As indicated in our yesterday’s post starting from today most of South India is expected to see the temperatures climb up.  As a matter of fact while parts of East India is already reeling under heatwave conditions with Bankura in West Bengal & Sundargarh in Odisha already clocking 45°C this year.  Models indicate the belt of Bihar, West Bengal & parts of Odisha are likely to see another day of possible 44 / 45°C today as well.


As one can see from the map, except for the Western parts of the country models are expecting most of the country to see temperatures breach 40°C.  Parts of AP & Telengana are likely to see heatwave like conditions return back with vengeance as clearer skies more Southwesterly breeze from the land is set to increase the heat quotient.


While today we could see some parts of North TN get the taste of proper Summer in Tamil Nadu from tomorrow the places that is likely to breach 40°C is expected to increase drastically with most interior areas of the state coming under this intense spell.  While models indicate the narrow patch of coastal places recording sub 36°C day time temperatures it will all depend on for how long the Southerly / Southwesterly winds blow, the longer it blows places like Chennai could see temperatures inch closer to the high 30s’.  All in All we are likely to see both Meenambakkam and Nungambakkam set and break the hottest day of 2016 records consistently over the course of next week or ten days.