Heat Wave Alert for parts of East Coast during weekend

After a few days gap its time to release the next round of Heat Wave Alert for parts of Peninsular & East India.  Thanks to the strong Western Disturbance that had brought in rain to many parts of the country temperature was kept under check for the last few days.  This is set for a change as weekend is expected to see extreme daytime temperatures over many places. It is time to issue our next Heat Wave Alert for places in the East Coast of India

Strong land breeze from the West / Northwest blowing into the Peninsular India is likely to aid this heat wave and increase the day time temperature Starting from 18th of March we could see temperatures go up a notch or two over the East Coast of India with the entire area starting from South AP & Parts of North TN till Odisha / West Bengal seeing temperatures climb drastically during the day.


While 18th is expected to see one or two places cross 40 degrees, between 19th & 21st we can see many places cross 40 degrees temperature as day time maximum indicating a potential Heat Wave Condition.  The Heat Wave Alert is particularly for places in North Coastal AP, Odisha, Telengana and adjoining state of Vidharba.  We could see Vidharba and Odisha record possibly what is likely to become the hottest temperature of 2016 so far.



As things stand it appears going by models North Tamil Nadu will see a brush of this heat wave with extreme North Tamil Nadu likely to witness the impact marginally.  We will have better clarity by Friday possibly on what is going to be the exact impact for places in North Tamil Nadu.  For Chennai in particular it appears we could still be moderated by the Easterlies though models are showing about 3 / 4 degrees higher than normal temperature for Chennai during this period.