Hot & Dry Weather in Tamil Nadu, Stage set for Summmer

Weather in Tamil Nadu is all set for Summer to herald its arrival over the next few days from this weekend.  Interiors have been seeing day time temperatures in the mid 30s’s regularly with a place or two touching 38 degrees every day. Both Karur & Salem have peaked at 39 degrees so far with Tamil Nadu being the only state in South India not to have any place record 40°C yet so far in 2016.

Yesterday we had suggested a Wait & Watch as far as impact from the impeding heat wave in the East Coast of the country.  Now there are firm indications we will see parts of North Tamil Nadu particularly in the interior areas record some fairly extreme day time temperatures around 21st / 22nd of this month.


As one can observe from the chart above weather in Tamil Nadu is going to be fairly hot mostly.  It is going to be another day where the interiors will continue to see day time temperatures in the mid 30s’ while the places just off the coast enjoy the luxury of surface level Easterlies that will keep the temperatures under check.  The temperatures across South India is expected to be about 2 or 3 degrees above normal and is likely to increase in the days to come as we get to the weekend.

Chennai will see day time temperature hover in the region of around 34 degrees thanks to the moderating Easterlies though it could be fairly humid right through the day.