Dry Weather continues to hold sway in Tamil Nadu

The last few days has seen rains slow down in Tamil Nadu drastically.  We have been mentioning about the Dry Weather that is holding sway over Tamil Nadu since the turn of July, the rainfall data and the precipitation estimation confirms the slowing down of the rains.   This dry weather in Tamil Nadu has coincided with the weaker than normal monsoon conditions over Kerala indicating the interplay between monsoon conditions over the West Coast & the prospect of thunderstorms giving rains to the East Coast of Peninsular India.


The rainfall data sums up how the dry weather has evolved over the last few days.  Interestingly if one looks at the Precipitation estimate map created by NASA based on satellite data we see South & Central TN is possibly the only place that has seen pretty much consistent dry conditions over the last 7 day period. North TN shows the precipitation from the isolated thunderstorms that gave rains on 2 or 3 days during this period


As dry weather continues in Tamil Nadu the day time weather has also seen an increase in temperatures almost across the state.  Madurai has seen the day time temperatures cross 40 degrees continuously for the last 3 days with a fair chance of the temperature inching close to 40 degrees once again today.  Similarly places like Trichy have seen temperatures around 37 / 38 consistent over the last few days while Chennai which was showing lesser than normal trends for most of June 2nd fortnight the first four days of July has seen normal or marginally above normal temperatures with similar trend expected today as well


The rainfall pattern continues to be dry south of 13N in West Coast while Konkan & Goa coast along with the adjoining ghats of Maharashtra & Karnataka seeing heavy rains at isolated places while most places continue to get rains of moderate intensity.  There is some chance of isolated rains in one or two places of Tamil Nadu though with CAPE showing poor values for most of the day we are likely to see only  moderate thunderstorms develop as things stand


The low pressure over Jharkhand / Gangetic West Bengal is likely to move in a Westward direction over the next few days along the trough leading to potentially heavy rains over parts of Central India & under the moisture drag created by the Low Pressure heavy rains are likely to continue over the West Coast as well.