Day time Weather in Tamil Nadu to Ease slightly

The last week or so saw weather in Tamil Nadu get hotter with Chennai City Observatory recording its highest temperature of the year crossing 32°C for the first time.  Similarly Salem recorded 35.2°C a couple of days back crossing 35°C for the first time.  While it is not yet summer Peninsular India saw fairly higher than normal temperatures for a few days with quite a few places touching 37°C in parts of Andhra, Telengana & Karnataka.

Things are expected to ease slightly with the day time temperatures showing a small dip over most parts of Peninsular India over the next couple of days.  The temperatures are expected to be closer to normal with most places in South India expected to register a couple of degrees lower than the early part of this week.


Daytime Weather in Tamil Nadu is expected to be moderate during the weekend with most places expected to see temperatures in the region of 33°C except for one or two places in interior Tamil Nadu which could touch 34°C.  The temperature reduction could be attributed to partly cloudy skies that is possible at many places over Tamil Nadu.

As one can observe from the charts most parts of Deccan Plateau region also are expected to see some reduction in the day time max temperatures with Andhra & Telengana enjoying some respite from the heat wave like conditions that existed during the first couple of days of February.


There will be a slow but gradual increase in the minimum temperatures across the region with the East Coast seeing the effect early.  Most parts of Tamil Nadu will start seeing the day time temperatures start to inch towards 20°C while the coastal regions could start seeing the minimum temperatures creep up towards the “Ides of 20s”.  Winter Weather in Tamil Nadu is expected to fade away slow with South Tamil Nadu starting to see warmer mornings.

Chennai to see day time temperature in the region of around 31°C while night time  minimum will be around the region of 23°C.  Let us enjoy the pleasant mornings while it lasts, day not far away when the city will start to switch on their Air conditioners bringing in the increased power demand and possible load shedding.