Day time Weather in Chennai to remain moderate

Yesterday saw weather in Chennai take a turn for the good with fairly pleasant weather right through the day under cloudy conditions. The whole of South India saw temperatures drop by 2 – 3°C right across the region bringing moderate conditions over most parts of Peninsular India

Today is also expected to be fairly similar day though we could see a marginal increase in temperature compared to yesterday.  But overall partly cloudy conditions are expected to be seen today as well over most parts of the country.   Thanks to the embedded upper air circulation in North India, few parts of HP & Uttrakhand and Uttar Pradesh could see some rains with one or two places seeing possible hailstorm.


Day time temperatures around Tamil Nadu is expected to be moderately warm with temperatures in the region of around 33°C.  South Tamil Nadu could see slightly more warmer conditions in a few places around Madurai / Tirunelveli. Except for parts of North Telengana most parts of Peninsular India will see temperatures in the lower 30s’.   One or two places in Telengana could cross 35°C today otherwise the weather is expected to be moderate for most of the day.


South India continues to move slowly towards the end of Winter with the places seeing minimum temperatures above 20°C increasing.   Night time temperatures in most parts of Tamil Nadu will stay closer to 20°C with the interior regions also slowly getting warmer. Coastal Region of South Tamil Nadu will see minimum temperatures start crossing 24 / 25°C at more places.

Day time weather in Chennai is expected to remain moderate with daytime temperatures expected to be around 30 / 31°C.  Night time Minimum temperature is expected to be in the region of 23°C