COMK Amazing Weather Facts – North Indian Ocean February Cyclones Historical Perspective

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In our weather facts series today we bring the Historical Perspective of Cyclones in North Indian Ocean during the month of February.  Read more to find out how Post Independence India has not seen a Very Severe Cyclone during the month of February

February along with March is considered to be one of the leanest month in terms of cyclone development in North Indian Ocean.  Both Arabian Sea & Bay of Bengal are pretty much quite during these two months.  Historically February has  seen the least amount of disturbances in Bay of Bengal.


During the month of February since 1900s’ a total of only 6 disturbances have formed in the Bay, that’s about Once in 20 years or so.

Interestingly Arabian Sea has not seen any disturbance of Depression and above at all since the year 1891 when IMD started maintaining records of cyclones during the months of February and March.

No. of Depressions in February since 1891 – 4

Last Depression in February – 2011

No of Cyclones in February since 1891 – 1

Last Cyclone in February – 1999

No of Very Severe Cyclone in February – 1

Last Very Severe Cyclone in February – 1944