COMK Amazing Weather Facts – Longest Lasting Cyclone

In today’s Amazing Weather Facts we present a possibly never to happen again Cyclone that lasted for 31 days, yes you read it right, 31 days and covered a distance of almost 14000 kms in its journey.


Hurricane John in the year 1994 developed in Eastern Pacific around 8th August though US National Hurricane Centre strongly believes its origin to be a tropical wave that originated off the African Coast. Strangely except for a marginal impact on Johnston Atoll near Hawaii Islands this Hurricane did not have any impact at all on human habitation.  Some snippets from these unique cyclone


  1. Total Days of Life span : 31 days (Aug,8th to Sept.9th)
  2. Total distance traveled : 13820 kms
  3. Hurricane John was the first system to cross over to Western Pacific after forming in Eastern Pacific thus becoming the first hurricane to be called a Typhoon as well
  4. Hurricane John crossed the International Dateline twice in its lifespan, one among only 4 systems to do it all these years
  5. At its peak it was a category 5 storm with gusting winds of 175 mph

To put a perspective of how far Hurricane John traveled if it had started from Chennai it would have reached all the way to Brazil in South America