Cold New Year Eve likely over interiors Chennai to see a cool beginning to 2017

As we bid adieu to 2016 with the New Year Eve a few hours away, the statistical Northeast Monsoon Season ends today morning.  It will be curtains in what is one of the worst years in recent memory both in terms of the Season and the Year as far as rainfall goes.  As one can observe from the charts only Chennai AP & Vellore have ended the year in normal status among the 22 stations for which annual data is available.  In a cruel irony even these two stations come under normal category only because of the IMD classification of -19% to 19% band though both the stations have recorded below normal rains overall.

The New Year Eve is expected to see below normal temperatures in the region of 2 – 4 degrees over the interior parts of Peninsular India, particularly along the Rayalseema, South Karnataka & Northwest Tamil Nadu areas.  In particular the Upper Reaches of the Western Ghats could see a very cold New Year Eve with possibly temperatures around 4 – 6 degrees below normal.

With suppressed weather conditions holding forth and the Easterly winds not active the new Year is going to make a cool entrance for Chennai.  The Western suburbs could see night time temperatures possibly touch below 20°C, the same could be expected of Meenambakkam as well.

On behalf of COMK we wish all our well wishers a Happy 2017 and hoping the new year brings new beginning for us and better rainfall prospects for the state.

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