Isolated Rains likely in Coastal Tamil Nadu, Dry Weather in Rest of Peninsula

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The New Year was ushered in with some isolated rains in Coastal Tamil Nadu yesterday early morning. Vedaranyam recorded 2 cms while parts of Chennai particularly the Southern areas of the city received spells of passing showers after midnight just as 2016 gave way to 2017.

With the Equatorial Waters of Indian Ocean having an unsettled look to it Coastal Tamil Nadu is likely to see some isolated rains under the influence of the Easterly winds.  Though the rains are expected to benefit Sri Lanka and South Coastal TN more there could be some passing showers in parts of North Tamil Nadu around Pondicherry – Delta region as well. Due to the Easterlies we are likely to see early morning temperatures in Coastal areas to be slightly higher than normal though it will still be around 21 / 22 degrees in places like Chennai.

The interior places of Peninsular India though will continue to see winter like dry conditions with places around Western Ghats seeing lower than normal night time temperatures.  The higher reaches of Nilgiris Biosphere will possibly see the ground frost conditions continue tonight as well with some respite expected from tomorrow night onwards due to cloudy conditions evolving under the influence of developing Bay disturbance.


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