Coastal Tamil Nadu to see isolated Rains

Yesterday saw one or two places in South Tamil Nadu receive some spells of rains as most parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu came under the influence of firm Easterlies. This spell is likely to continue for a day or two as coastal Tamil Nadu gets to see some isolated rains.

Except for Salem & Madurai yesterday also saw most places of Tamil Nadu see  moderate weather conditions prevail during the day with the night time temperature being warm.  This situation is expected to continue through the weekend under the spell of Easterlies.  In the meanwhile parts of East India will continue to see unstable conditions resulting in possible rainfall opportunities around Chhatisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha & West Bengal.


Coastal Tamil Nadu is likely to see isolated spells of rains in one or two places, the rains will be pretty much south of Karaikal / Nagapattinam latitude with some rains spilling over into the interior places around Trichy / Madurai.  But pretty much the rains will be stronger along the coastal zone under the spell of Easterlies.

Chennai could see another moderate day of weather with temperature around 32°C with slightly warm nights due to the moderation by surface level Easterly winds.