Chennai Weather – Widespread Rains provide welcome relief

Chennai Weather proves we are different from the rest once again.  Scorching Day followed by heavy spells of evening rains.  In a welcome relief most parts of Chennai saw rains last evening with Nungambakkam receiving more than 25 mm rains over 3 spells.  It was a perfect end to what was an extremely hot day with the day time temperature almost touching 40°C over IMD Nungambakkam.

The developing from the UAC currently over Jharkhand / Chhatisgarh region is expected to move in a WNW direction along the monsoon trough and expected to provide some very heavy rains to Central India.  Additionally it is also creating the right environment for the monsoon to pick up again over the West Coast with rains reappearing over the Ghat regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka.  After a long time Kottayam receiving more than 50 mm rains last evening bringing to an end possibly a very long break from monsoon for West Coastal Peninsular region

Chennai Weather Update: Expect Chennai to see another hot day today as well.  The day time temperature is expected to be around 40°C .  In what could turn out to be an extremely uncomfortable day sea breeze possibly would set it late and could turn out to be weak unlike the last few days.  Some isolated thundershowers may be possible over North TN, these could provide rainfall opportunities to the Southern suburbs and South of Chennai areas.