Chennai Weather – Second day of widespread rains

In a rare event over recent days many areas of Chennai received widespread rains yesterday evening for the second continuous day.  As expected the heaviest rains happened in the Southern Suburbs.

With the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation stretching over a large area of Central India, heavy rains continue to happen over many parts of Central & North India along the foothills of Himalayas.  The UAC is now in a very favorable location to take benefit of moisture incursion from both the branches of Southwest Monsoon.  This is going to provide some very heavy rains to parts of MP especially along the western side adjoining neighboring Gujarat.  Parts of Maharashtra & Gujarat might have one or two places which could potentially get very heavy rains.

Chennai Weather Update: A warm day on the cards with temperature expected to be around 37°C. Towards the evening a few areas could receive a spell or two of showers.   These rains could be heavier in the Southern Suburbs.

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Isolated thunderstorms are expected over the interior places of Tamil Nadu, this could be around the Jawwadhu & Kalvarayan Hills.  As they make the journey from interiors to the coast the coastal stretch between Pondy & Karaikal could see one or two places get heavy rains.