Chennai Weather – Warmer than normal days to continue

In what is possibly the longest break from rains this Northeast Monsoon in Chennai Weather has been dry for almost 3 weeks now.  While the break from rains has been a relief for many the dry weather has come with warmer than normal days for the last week or so.

Northeast Monsoon Update: With Most of Bay under the influence of Dry Easterlies the rains have slowed down across Eastern Peninsular India.  This situation is expected to continue till a possible Trough of Low emerge around Andaman Sea from the current Low Pressure in South China Sea.  This could bring back some moisture into Bay and provide for some isolated rains to start in South Coastal TN & Sri Lanka once again as things stand.

22_12_1 Additionally with most of India under the influence of High Pressure stretching all the way from the Middle East providing clearer skies which is reflecting in the warmer than normal days.  The surface level winds though have not been bringing in the continental air because of which the cold weather associated with High Pressure normally.

Chennai Weather Update:  Warmer than normal temperature expected to continue today as well with day time temperature expected to be around 32°C.  Late night & Early mornings expected to be nippy with minimum temperature expected to be around 23°C