Rainfall Statistics of Northeast Monsoon So Far

With fairly clear weather all across Tamil Nadu this is possibly the right time to put out the Rainfall Statistics of Northeast Monsoon So far with some 10 days left before the official Northeast Monsoon season ends.

The good Northeast Monsoon which Tamil Nadu has recorded is quite visible in the rainfall charts with all the districts having above normal rainfall.  Kancheepuram district stands out with this year’s Northeast Monsoon being almost 3 times of Normal rainfall.


As one goes through the rainfall statistics there are a couple of points that seems to be standing out.

  1. Chennai Airport possibly shows how heavy this year’s rainfall has been for North TN with nearly two and a half times rainfall this season compared to normal Northeast Monsoon period
  2. While both Madurai & Coimbatore district show normal rainfall for the season the individual IMD observatories at the respective airports have performed very poorly this season which once again reiterates may be IMD have to re look at the way they do the average rainfall patterns
  3. The lopsided rainfall this season is pretty much summed up in the Top 10 List of stations with 7 stations from Cuddalore district and Tiruvallur district and only 3 in South Tamil Nadu, Kanyakumari, Thootukudi & Palayamkottai.
  4. The poor Northeast Monsoon which West Interior Karnataka in comparison with rest of Tamil Nadu is showing up when one sees the districts of Coimbatore, Tiruppur & Namakkal in the Bottom 5 districts when one ranks the districts based on NEM rainfall received so far.
  5. 7 stations in Tamil Nadu have received 2 times the normal rainfall and except for Thoothkudi rest all are from North Tamil Nadu with Tiruttani & Vellore being the only interior places.

With fairly dry days ahead for most parts of Tamil Nadu expect the end of the season numbers to be slightly lower than the above table as far as variance is concerned with not much change expected in the rainfall numbers.