Chennai Weather – Rainy Days to return for Chennai

After a few days of dry weather Chennai is expected to return to rainy days over the next couple of days.  Thanks to the UAC over South Bay the last couple of days wind directions were from the East which is now shifted back to being the regular Westerlies.

Southwest Monsoon Update: The Monsoon axis is firmly parked along the Himalayas which restricts the rainy zone to the Himalyan region and adjoining Terai Plains.  With a North-South extension of the trough from Bihar to Odisha parts of East India are also getting some rains.  The rains are expected to continue to parts of Bihar, Jharkhand & West Bengal. Mawsynram recieved 75 cms for 24 hours ending yesterday while Cherrapunji received 47 cms of rains highlighting the very heavy rainfall the region is getting thanks to the orographic effect.  Northeast India, Subhimalayan West Bengal & Sikkim would continue to receive very heavy rainfall for the next day or two.

West Peninsular coast continues to benefit from the Cross Equatorial Moisture incursion while a developing wind discontinuity induced instability could potentially provide heavy rains over interior places of Peninsular India.  Telengana, parts of North Karnataka & parts of North Coastal AP could get benefited from this instability along with parts of Chhatisgarh & Odisha

Tamil Nadu Weather Update: Warm days are expected to return back to Tamil Nadu as the surface level winds change back to Westerlies from Easterlies / Southerlies which prevailed for the last few days.  North Tamil Nadu could get back to the hot day time temperatures of around 37°C with thunderstorms developing over South AP & parts of North Interior TN towards the evening.   These thunderstorms could be intense in one or two places with heavy spells of rains at times.

Chennai Weather Update: A hot day around 36°C – 37°C expected with likely evening thunderstorms moving in from the West towards the city in the evening.  While tomorrow quite a few areas in the North and North of Chennai could get spells of rains Friday / Saturday provides for firm possibility of wide spread rains over most parts of Chennai.