Chennai Weather – Pleasant Day & Possible Late Night Rains

In a case of so near yet so far the thunderstorms just skirted Chennai along its Northern Periphery last night while many places of South Andhra got some good rains.  

But as a welcome respite from the second summer Chennai Weather is going to be pleasant all day.  Today we could possibly see cloudy weather the whole of the day with max temperature of around 33° / 34°.


Chennai Weather Update :  While during the day there could be isolated drizzles, towards late evening there is some possibility of rains as the area to the West of Chennai becomes instable due to interaction of dry air mass from Central India & Moist air mass pumped by the UAC moving closer to the Peininsular India. This instability would give rains at many places along the Rayalseema region, South Interior Karnataka & North Tamil Nadu.

The likely storm movement pattern today could be from the NNE