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After entire last week saw Chennai Weather notch continuous 40s last couple of days we have seen temperatures around 38°s’ for Chennai .  Crucially Nungambakkam is slowly getting to have lower than Meenambakkam which possibly indicates a back to normal days on the cards.

A possible assistance in the form of a marginal Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation over the Bay could potentially bring a rainy couple of days to Chennai.  This UAC is expected to move from East to West towards Peninsular coast over the next 24 to 48 hours.  As it comes closer the rainfall probability for Chennai would increase.

While this UAC is expected to give most of the rains to Coastal Andhra Pradesh thanks to the instability being higher over there because of the collision of different air masses at 500 hPa levels.  This region of instability spreads at slightly weaker intensity up to North Tamil Nadu as well providing decent chance of rains for North Tamil Nadu too.


Chennai Weather Update : The day could be moderately warm with temperatures around 37°C. While not ruling out occasional isolated spells of rains during the day & evening the rains are expected to improve tonight and early tomorrow morning.  The best spells of rains for Chennai could possibly happen tomorrow night & early Thursday morning.  The time patterns are indicative as it would depend on the movement of UAC.