Chennai Weather – Cold Weekend on the cards

The last week saw slightly warmer than normal weather in Chennai during the mornings.   Today saw the coldest day of Chennai for 2016 with the IMD AWS in Nungambakkam recording 21.6°C at the time of writing this post.  The COMK AWS in Anna Nagar has recorded 20.5°C at 5 in the morning today which is the lowest since the station was set up last November.  With the trend of lowest temperatures being recorded after day break expect these temperatures to fall further by around 6:30 AM.  The Airport observatory had already dropped to 22.4°C at 11:30 PM last night, though the lowest for the season at Airport is 19.6°C



Most parts of Peninsular India is expected to see moderately warm weekend except for the West Coast which will continue to see day time temperature around 35°C.  As one could observe from the Maximum expected temperature chart the interiors of Tamil Nadu will see slightly lower temperature today compared to the last few days. Most parts of Tamil Nadu will see temperatures around 30°C except for a few places in South & Interior TN which could cross 31°C.


The Night time temperatures are expected to be closer to normal across Peninsular India as Winter conditions have firmly established under the effect of a dipping High Pressure Region from Central India.  While freezing conditions have eased over the Western Ghats as one would observe a few places in Deccan Plateau which were seeing temperatures above 20°C last week have now started seeing sub 20°C temperatures. The coastal region of Kerala & South TN could see temperatures in the low 20s’ as minimum while rest of Peninsular India will see sub 20 temperatures except for North Coastal TN which could see night time temperature slightly above 20°C9_1_2


Chennai Weather Update :

Chennai is set to see a cold weekend tomorrow also with temperatures expected to dip to around 20°C in the city and possibly the suburbs seeing sub 20°C at most places. The Day time temperature is expected to be around 30°C with cloudy sky in the morning and skies clearing up later in the day.  All in all a cold Sunday morning expected with possibly foggy conditions in Chennai.