Northeast Monsoon 2015 withdraws from Tamil Nadu – IMD

While the Northeast Monsoon season ends on December 31st, IMD announces the end of Northeast Monsoon based on wind, rainfall & other meteorological parameters falling in place according to established protocol. Yesterday IMD has announced the withdrawal of Northeast Monsoon 2015 from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. With this one of the most eventful monsoons of recent times come to an end.


The season ended with Tamil Nadu recording 53% excess rainfall, Pondy recorded 61% excess at the same time.  The 5 districts to have received the highest amount of rainfall were respectively Kancheepuram – 183% , Tiruvallur – 149 %, Tirunelveli –  125 %,  Vellore 114 % & Chennai 104 %. Northeast Monsoon 2015 ended as the second highest rainfall year for Tamil Nadu behind 2005 which had 79% excess

Weather Update 


The dry weather over most parts of Peninsular India is expected to continue today as well though the day time temperatures are expected to be lower than the last few days in terms of both day time & night time temperatures.  As one can observe from the above chart most of the areas are expected to see a degree or two lesser than last couple of days. Most parts of Peninsular India is expected to see temperatures around 30°C


Interior places are expected to see milder night time temperatures with slightly warmer minimum temperatures compared to last week.  As the chart indicates even most parts of Western Ghats is expected to see night time temperatures to be in the low 10s’ rather than the single digit temperatures which most places saw in the region a few days back.  Coastal regions will continue to be moderately cool during early mornings.