Chennai Rains Update – Heavy rains likely to continue for the next 24 hours

Chennai Rains is back and back with full force as rains lashed many parts of the city came under intense rains after midnight.  In an almost repeat of the December 1 rains Chembarambakkam has recorded 97 mm rains so far till 5:30 in the morning.  Similarly OMR suburbs like Taramani, Kelambakkam, Padur etc have also recorded heavy rains.  the IMD Observatory in Nungambakkam has recorded about 60 mm rains for the day most of which fell after midnight.


The Low pressure is currently just off the coast of Sri Lanka about 350 kms to the Southeast of Chennai and is expected to move in a Northerly direction along the coast of Tamil Nadu.  Slow movement is expected with models indicating a potentially stall scenario which could mean the evolving depression could park close to North Coastal Tamil Nadu bringing in potentially heavy rains to few paces during this time.


As things stand we are likely to see Chennai Rains continue in “Heavy Rains” Mode for the next 12 to 18 hours or so.  Period of light rains will be interspersed with spells of heavy showers for about 30 minutes or so with possibly the rains peaking around tonight early morning tomorrow.  As things stand we could possibly see a total accumulation of about 10 cms or so of Rains over the next 24 hours in Chennai.