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The Well Marked Low that is now currently lying off the coast of Sri Lanka continues to make slow progress as it moves back and forth over the Sri Lankan landmass for the last 24 hours or so.  After moving in a W/NW direction towards the Gulf of Mannar and moving to the NW of Colombo now the Well Marked Low appears to have relocated once again to the NE of Sri Lanka.


In the current context the rains are expected to start for most parts of North Coastal Tamil Nadu in the next hour or so with tonight likely to see spells of rains continuously.  At times we are likely to see heavy spells as well.  The rains are likely to be heavier in the places to the South of Chennai particularly the stretch between Mahabalipuram & Nagapattinam.


Models are expecting a slow progress for this Low Pressure as it tracks in a Northwesterly direction towards the coast of Tamil Nadu bringing heavy rains to most parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu with delta districts, Cuddalore, Villupuram, Kanchipuram districts along with the coastal areas of Tiruvallur & Chennai expected to see spells of rains more of often than not from tonight.  While some models indicate possibly stalling of the disturbance indicating potentially heavy rains on the cards for North Coastal #TamilNadu.  Considering how this Low Pressure has behaved so far we will take one day at a time and hence the update till tomorrow evening.

#Chennai is also likely to see rains start from tonight with spells of heavy rains possible over the coastal areas of the city today & tomorrow.  Further updates will be provide tomorrow morning