Blistering Start to the Week, Heatwave in India Continues

While officially we are not yet on “Heatwave in India” no doubts the conditions are apt to be called of a continuing Heatwave in India as most of the country scorched yesterday.  18 places in the country recorded more than 43⁰C yesterday with Akola recording second straight day of temperatures in excess of 43⁰C.  Most of Maharashtra, MP, AP & Telengana are reeling under this spell of oppressive heat. Going by models it is unlikely the country is going to see any respite for the next few days as most days of the week is expected to see similar conditions persist along Central India states and adjoining regions.  Today is going to be the Hatrick day of Heatwave in India with similar conditions like yesterday expected to prevail almost right across the country.


It is going to be the same suspects who are going to suffer today as well with possibly parts of West Bengal, Tamil Nadu & Karnataka getting added to the list of places under oppressive skies.  The only respite could be some isolated rains expected over parts of Kerala & Interior Karnataka though these could be extremely isolated and possibly not going to mitigate the heat conditions over a larger area.


It is going to be another extremely hot day in Tamil Nadu with most parts of the state expected to record day time high temperatures of around 37 / 38⁰C with a few places possibly topping 40⁰C around the Trichy / Karur / Namakkal / Salem region.  A small patch of coastal belt could see temperatures in the region of around 35⁰C though it appears this could be restricted to possibly a few kms from the sea moderated by the large water body

Chennai is in line to record its highest temperature of the year with the city expected to be around 36⁰C while the suburbs and the Airport observatory could be a couple of degrees hotter.