Sizzling Sunday – Summer in India cranks up a gear

Yesterday in a shape of things to come Summer in India scorched across most parts of the interior regions with many places in Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra & Telengana recording day time temperatures in excess of 43 degrees while about 20 places across the country recorded more than 42 degrees as heat wave like conditions enveloped right through the country.

In a repeat of the Scorching Saturday we are likely to see a Sizzling Sunday across the country as Summer in India cranks up a gear.  Most numerical models are expecting oppressive day time conditions to prevail over vast parts of the country.


Central India is likely to bear the brunt of this heat wave like conditions along with parts of UP, Telengana & Odisha with large swathes of this region expected by numerical models to record maximum temperatures in excess of 42 degrees.  It is going to be a scorcher of a Sunday in all probability over these regions in what is likely to be an indicator of early Summer in India.


Tamil  Nadu is likely to see a repeat of yesterday with the interiors having another hot day.  Models are indicating most places in this belt to record temperatures in the region of 38 degrees.  While yesterday saw coastal areas get moderated by the prevailing Easterlies leaving places like Chennai at a more comfortable 34 degrees.   It appears today we could possibly see more Southwesterly winds during the first half of the day.  This is likely to increase the day time temperature to about 35 / 36 degrees in Chennai with slightly more expected in the suburbs.  All in all it is going to be a Sizzling Sunday in continuing with the trend for the last couple of days.