As Bay Depression brushes Chennai, Heavy Rains to shift North

The Bay Depression made its date with Chennai today morning as it came about 100  kms off the coast of Chennai, passing us in a Northward track towards Coastal Andhra Pradesh.  Overnight rains lashed most parts of Northern Tamil Nadu as Kanchipuram, Thiruvallur & Chennai bore the brunt of the slow moving depression dumping heavy rains over the state.


Chennai & most places surrounding the city received heavy overnight rains as places like Chembarambakkam which received 10 cms yesterday added another 10 cms today as well.  Similarly western suburbs like Avadi, Thiruvallur also saw very heavy rains as the moving circulation brought the thunderstorms over the city from Northwest back into the sea.


As one can observe from the above image the Depression now lies roughly to the east of Chennai and has subsequently moved ENE of Chennai as it continues its Northward journey.  The rains are expected to ease after a few hours though the threat of stalling still remains with possible heavy rains consequent to this.  But overall it appears the threat of heavy rains have now shifted North to Coastal AP. North Coastal Tamil Nadu can give a sigh of relief from this Bay Depression as things stand.  We will continue to watch the evolving weather scenario and update as things change.