Rains Ease Off as Evolving Cyclone Roanu moves up North

Thanks to evolving Cyclone Roanu moving further North as most people started  worrying a repeat of December Deluge Rains eased off since last night.  The Bay deep depression that had dumped huge amounts of Rains over North Coastal Tamil Nadu moved further North reducing the impact for us.  The Deep Depression that is likely to be announced as Cyclone Roanu today by IMD is currently about 100 kms South of Machilipatnam and is moving in a Northward track.


Almost all places in and around Chennai has recorded more than 15 cms rains over the last 3 days as the Deep Depression came about 100 kms away from Chennai yesterday morning.  Bulk of rains were recorded between 17th &  18th morning.  Yesterday saw spells of heavy rains hit the city at various time though the length of these spells started reducing by late evening.  Since 10 PM yesterday the rains have pretty much eased and is expected to stay clear from now on.  There could be some spells of rains as the Cyclone Roanu shuffles around the convection that is still present over parts of Peninsular India particularly around North Coastal Tamil Nadu.

The Deep Depression is now expected to become Tropical Cyclone Roanu by today afternoon and is expected to come very close to the Central Coast of Andhra Pradesh as it intensifies into a Severe Cyclonic Storm and continues its further journey output_nDSnR6

While models are pretty much in sync with a possible recurve as Cyclone Roanu intensifies it is also possible the land interaction near Mahcilipatnam could rob the system of some of its organization and convection preventing it from intensifying and moving towards the coast of Bangladesh / Myanmar.