Alert – South India to Swelter, No Escape for TN too

It is time for South India to swelter under hot day time conditions with temperatures expected to pick up during the weekend as a harbinger to the ensuing Sizzling summer that almost upon us.  As we mentioned in our update on 9th February yesterday has seen almost 15 places in the country, across Odisha, Telengana, AP & Vidharba regions,  cross 39°C with Bhawanipatna in Odisha topping at 39.8°C .

While Central & parts of East India have started to see temperatures climb up from today it is the time of South India to join the party.  As we see models indicate South India to swelter under fairly hot conditions with almost the entire interior region expected to see temperatures in excess of 36° with quite a few places expected to be close to 40°C.  This condition is expected to continue until Sunday possibly with heat wave like conditions gripping most parts of South India.


While in the previous hot weather episodes of 2016 Tamil Nadu was fairly insulated this time around TN is also likely to be part of the hot weather conditions that is likely to make South India to Swelter. Already Karur recorded 37.4°C yesterday with many places recording more than 36°C.  Things are likely to become worse with almost all interior places in the plains of Tamil Nadu expected to record in excess of 36°C.  There is a fair chance of one or two places in Tamil Nadu inching closer to 39 / 40°C over the next two or three days.

While models indicate Chennai to remain moderated by the Easterly influence expect the day time temperatures to increase by a degree or so compared to the last few days.  Day time Maximum for Chennai could be in the region of 34°C.  The only solace is we could still see the early mornings be fairly comfortable with the night time minimum temperature being in the region of around 24 / 25°C