Searing Heat in South India to Continue, Interior TN to Blaze

Yesterday saw searing heat in South India with many places recording higher than normal temperatures in the interior areas of the region.  Places in Andhra Pradesh, Telengana & Interior Karnataka have seen the maximum temperature touch 40°C in quite a few places.  Similarly Madurai in Tamil Nadu cross 38°C for the first time in 2016 yesterday.

This searing heat in South India is expected to continue during the weekend as well with temperatures expected to stay higher than normal across the region.  The day time temperatures are expected to be about 2 – 4°C above normal with extremely hot conditions expected today in parts of Telengana & adjoining Vidharbha.   Yesterday Chandrapur, Wardha & Bhawanipur in Vidharba touched 40°C for the first time and similar temperature pattern is expected today as well


The interior regions of Tamil Nadu is likely to see high day time temperatures today as well. Particularly places around Madurai & Tirunelveli in South TN along with the Western TN belt between Coimbatore , Karur & Salem is expected to blaze.  The max day time temperatures from these regions are expected to be around 37 / 38°C.  Coastal areas of Tamil Nadu will continue to be better off compared to the rest of the state thanks to the moderating Easterlies.


In the meanwhile we North India could benefit from the incoming Western Disturbance.  Aided by the Upper Air Cyclonic Circulation parts of J&K and the upper reaches of Himalays could see some heavy rain along with rest fo NW India stretching up to portions of Central India.   Similarly we could see some isolated rains in Kerala under the influence of a Line of Wind Discontinuity that exists in the lower levels.