After a good Day of Rains for North TN & Delta, day of reckoning for South Tamil Nadu

It was a very good day of business on the rain front for North Tamil Nadu yesterday as Tiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Villupuram along with parts of Tiruvannamalai & Cuddalore districts.  The Central Tamil Nadu areas & the delta region also got good rains as well with Trichy, Thanjavur & Pudukottai districts enjoying very good spells of overnight rains which will bring some relief to the farming community of the state.  It was a close day for Chennai as well with thunderstorms putting up a sound and light show all around the city and giving only light drizzle in a few areas.

With the North South trough continuing to persist from Coastal AP to South TN there exists a fair chance of rains today as well for many parts of Tamil Nadu.  As a matter of fact it is going to be a good day of rains for most parts of Peninsular India with parts of Kerala along the Western Ghats and in South Interior Karnataka around the Madikeri region expected to see some heavy spells of rains under the influence of orographic lift provided by the mountains.

As far as Tamil Nadu goes today could be the day of reckoning for South Tamil Nadu with models indicating a good spell of rains ahead for Tirunelveli, Dindigul, Virudhunagar, Theni  & parts of Madurai districts.  One or two places in this region could get heavy spells of late evening rains under the influence of the trough.  While there is a fair chance of rest of Tamil Nadu areas like Delta enjoying another day of rains along with parts of Western TN it will depend on how fast the clouds clear during the early part of the day from the remnant thunderstorms in the air.

North Coastal TN could see some isolated rains in  a few places while heavy spells may not happen light rains are expected by models, will Chennai get lucky today is a billion dollar question.  Its going to be a close call once again with the thunderstorms teasing the weather watchers of Chennai.

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