A turn towards Hot Weather in South India

Since the turn of the new year Weather in South India was on the whole moderate with winter conditions present.   With the advent of the Uttarayan period indicating the transit of Sun back into the Northern Hemisphere the warmer days are not very far away.

The last few days has seen dry weather prevail over most parts of the country except for extreme North India which has been seeing some precipitation on account of the incoming Western Disturbance.  This week has seen the day time temperatures rise over most parts of Peninsular India.  Today we could see the start of the first spell of Hot Weather in South India with most parts of the region seeing temperatures around 35°C as the maximum during the day.


As one can see from the expected Max temperature chart a few places in the West Coast particularly around Maharashtra & Konkan could see the temperatures touch around 38°C while almost all places right across the West Coast see day time temperatures peaking above 35°C.  Similarly parts of Telengana will also see temperatures in excess of 35°C.  This spell of Hot Weather in South India is expected to continue for the next few days as things stand. Interior places of Tamil Nadu will see a fairly hot day with one or two places inching beyond the 35°C  mark.


Night time temperatures in the region is expected to remain fairly moderate with most parts of Peninsular India seeing normal temperatures during the night.  Coastal Tamil Nadu could see minimum temperatures settle around the 22°C mark while few interior places in West Tamil Nadu could see night time temperatures drop to around 17°C.

Chennai will see a fairly warm day with maximum temperatures around 31 / 32°C which is a couple of degrees higher than normal.  Early mornings will continue to be pleasant and nippy with minimum temperature expected to be around 22° in the city area while the suburbs could see a degree or so cooler mornings.