Weather in West India to remain Hot over the weekend

This week has seen Weather in West India develop into summer like conditions with fairly high day time temperatures. Ratnagiri saw a maximum temperature of 36.6°C yesterday while Kozhikode recorded 36.2°C a  record high January temperature in recent times.

The heat wave like conditions are expected to continue over most parts of Peninsular India over the weekend as well.  Particularly the two areas which could possibly see high day time temperatures with almost 2-4° higher than normal temperatures are West Coast & parts of Deccan Plateau region around Telengana / Vidharba and Chhatisgarh. The Konkan region is expected to see temperatures peak in excess of 37°C in one or two places once again during the weekend. Weather in West India is expected to remain fairly hot and dry over the weekend.


Another warm day is likely for most parts of Tamil Nadu though the coastal regions could see slightly more moderate conditions prevail during the day. South Tamil Nadu will continue to see day time temperatures in the region of 34°C today as well.


Night time conditions are expected to remain cool over the interior region of Peninsular India with interior South Karnataka potentially seeing one or two places dip down to about 15°C. East coast will continue to see the night time minimum temperatures settle around 22°C with fairly pleasant conditions expected during late night & early mornings.

Chennai Weather Update: Chennai is expected to see another fairly warm day.  Yesterday saw Meenambakkam touch 31.8°C which is the highest for the year.  Today to the day time temperature is expected to be around 31°C with the night time minimum temperature at a fairly pleasant 22°C.