Winter conditions likely over North TN

Weather Update

As 2018 gives way to 2019 today will officially be the last day of Northeast Monsoon 2018 for Tamil Nadu. While today is unlikely to be the withdrawal date keeping in mind current Easterlies and the possibility of a weak disturbance later, IMD may announce withdrawal of monsoon later this week or early next week.

In the meanwhile it’s time to look forward to the short winter, or whatever that could be called, for places like Chennai. While places in interior TN no doubt sees a good reduction in minimum temperatures during this season places in Coastal Tamil Nadu will see pleasant evenings and early mornings. A look at the satellite image indicates effect of weak Easterlies showing dry conditions and clear skies overall. As we mention often cloudy skies trap heat during the winter months keeping the downward dip under check.

The last few days have seen light rains in many places under the influence of Easterlies. This effect is waning off from today bringing more clearer skies and a reduction in night time temperatures. Numerical models indicate starting tonight for the next few nights the night time temperatures across Tamil Nadu is likely to be slightly below normal. In particular places in North TN and adjoining parts of Rayalaseema and South Interior Karnataka could see temperatures dip a couple of degrees below normal.