Widespread Rains in Tamil Nadu, All set to continue today as well

Last evening / overnight saw widespread rains in Tamil Nadu with almost all of the state getting rains except for Chennai and districts to the South of Madurai.  If one were to look at the rainfall pattern in West TN Hosur & Palacode got about 9 cms while in North TN RK Pet near Tiruttani got 7 cms, in the delta region Thuvakudi & Adirampattinam got about 7 cms rainfall indicating how the rains were spread around the state.


In what is likely to be a second straight day of fairly widespread rains in Tamil Nadu we could see some places in interior TN along with places in South Interior Karnataka & adjoining Rayalaseema region get some intense thunderstorms.  Aided by what is possibly going to be a day of potentially high Convective Energy available in the atmosphere we are likely to see intense thunderstorms triggered in the region.  There is likely to be wind convergence as well in the region which is likely to make it a combustible concoction of thunderstorms in the interior regions.


While almost all of South India could see possibly rainy conditions except for some small parts of extreme South TN and a bit of coastal Andhra Pradesh the heaviest rains are going to be in the interior places along with a few places in Malabar region of Kerala where one or two places in Malappuram / Thrissur / Kozhikode district gettting very heavy rainfall around midnight of 27th.


As far as North Coastal TN is concerned the wind directions could play spoilsport if they happen as expected by models that indicate possibly Easterly winds while thunderstorms are likely to develop in the interiors.  We will have to wait and see if the wind directions make a turn for the good for Chennai or stay like yesterday and make it a case of so near yet so far.