Widespread Rains Expected for South India

Today saw hailstorm in various locations of Western Tamil Nadu & adjoining areas of Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.  Bangalore, Salem, Harur were some of the towns which received a heavy spell of hail storms today evening. Is Widespread Rains for South Tamil Nadu on the cards again?

An unstable atmospheric condition that is prevailing in the Interior Southern Peninsular is expected to in create further conducive environment for rains in Southern Peninsular tomorrow as well.  On the one hand a LWD at lower level to the west of Chennai is the initial trigger for the rains while slowly the marginal circulation over South  Interior TN aided by the clash of different air mass over interior places and the dipping Western Disturbance at higher levels take over.

Strangely the rains are  not expected to happen simultaneously across all areas of the Peninsular instead we are going to have a ballet where at different times the orchestra pick up the tunes and continue, similarly the rains are expected to happen at various points across various areas of South India.


Places near Salem, Bangalore, Vellore, Kadappa could see some heavy spells of rains and possible hailstorms tomorrow as well.


While the rain prospects of Chennai are certainly not bad we should keep our expectations under check and enjoy every bit of the bonus rains which are happening this April.  We will certainly not be disappointed by the rains we are going to receive on Friday late night and Saturday early morning with some strong spells possible early in the morning of Saturday.