Warm Valentine’s Day in Chennai Ahead, possible dip in night temp.

As has been the case for the last few days it is fair to expect Valentine’s Day in Chennai to be warm as well.  The last few days has seen the day time temperature hover around 32°C for Chennai & slightly higher in the suburbs.  This has been the case in most parts of South India as well with fairly  hot conditions prevailing in the interior places.

The Low Pressure in Bay of Bengal is now lying very close to Equator as it continues its movement in a West / Southwest Direction in a largely weakened state.  The associated cyclonic circulation now extends only till 2.1 kms above mean sea level down from 5.8 kms above sea level a couple of days back indicating the weakening system.


The system is expected to continue in a similar fashion as things progress over the next couple of days before it dissipates completely.  Over the course of the next couple of days Sri Lanka could receive some rains while the prospects of rains in South TN will firmly depend on whether the system takes more of West or South direction as it moves across the Equatorial Indian Ocean.


The day time max temperatures are expected to be high across the interior regions of South India with parts of AP & Telengana seeing some of the hottest places of the day along with one or two places in West Coast.  Interior places of TN will continue to see hot weather conditions with most places seeing temperatures in the region of 33°C while a few places could be closer to 35°C.


Tonight could see a slight dip in night time weather conditions for South India with a few places in Northwest Interior TN seeing temperatures dip south of 20°C after a few days gap.  This could be a temporary reprieve as temperatures are expected to increase once again from tomorrow

Valentine’s Day is expected to be fairly warm with partly cloudy skies in the morning giving way to clearer skies later in the day.  Expect day time temperatures to cross 32°C with a fairly warm evening as well on the cards.