Stalled Depression remains a huge rain threat

Weather Update

There are times when friends & relatives who visit us decide our hospitality is so good that they decide to stay longer than the originally planned period. As the Tamil Proverb goes விருந்தும் மருந்தும் மூன்று நாள் this overstaying becomes a matter of delicate concern for us as well leading to a slightly uncomfortable scenario. The remnant depression from Cyclone Burevi is slowly reaching to the stage where is might be overstaying its welcome period.

On the one hand while most parts of the state was looking forward to the rains brought from this cyclone, this has parked itself in one corner of Gulf of Mannar bringing more and more rains to parts of Delta where some of places are inching close to accumulating nearly 50 cms rains over the past 48 hours or so. With models indicating another 12 to 15 hours or so of stationary / slow movement it will be sometime before we can see rains give some respite to the coastal stretch between Cuddalore & Vedaranyam.