Second Summer in Tamil Nadu fading away

This October has become famous for the abnormal temperatures in Tamil Nadu with many places like Dharmapuri, Tirunelveli, Karur etc recording the highest day time temperatures for the month of October.  Tirunelveli (Palayamkottai) recorded 40°C for the first time on an October day on 12th October.  Most places were recording around 2 – 5 degrees above normal temperature during the first 10 days of October making it an uncomfortable period.  Suppressed conditions lead to clear skies making it an extremely hot and dry period when mostly rains were expected.


The temperature trends are certainly showing a reduction in day time maximum temperatures over most parts of Tamil Nadu in the last couple of days.  With more Northerly winds blowing now and the Interior places of Deccan Plateau cooling down on account of much clearer skies during the night the day time temperatures in Tamil Nadu are expected to be similar till the onset of Easterlies in a week or so time.  Once the Easterlies are in place the temperatures will become more comfortable leaving behind the second summer.


On a more macro scale the Southwest Monsoon has now withdrawn from most parts of the country except extreme NE India and parts of Southern Peninsular India.  Though the withdrawal process started early thanks to the suppressed conditions the retreat hastened pace and ended up being only  a day behind schedule finally.  The wait for Northeast Monsoon onset over Tamil Nadu will continue until the winds become Easterly.


Most parts of the country are expected to see dry conditions.  South Kerala could see isolated heavy rains along with parts of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu around the Valparai region.  Kerala which saw a huge deficit from Southwest Monsoon is getting these rains that will go a long way in mitigating the water scarcity that is likely to loom in the coming summer.