Rains to continue in Tamil Nadu, Central Interior TN likely to benefit today

Yesterday saw many places of North Tamil Nadu get rains with Vellore & Tiruvallur districts getting moderate rains in one or two places.  While places slightly to the North of Chennai like Ponneri got some rains the city missed out thanks to poor wind support for the movement of Thunderstorms towards Chennai.  In what is possibly a bumper Southwest Monsoon for R K Pet a place near Tiruttani it has got 43 mm yesterday of which 27 mm fell between 11:30 PM and 12:30 AM. Similarly places like Gudiyatham also got moderate spells of rains from the late evening thunderstorms.


We are likely to see another day of rains in Tamil Nadu with possibly the Central parts of the state better placed to receive spells of thunderstorms today.   While the slightly cloudy conditions during the early part of the day in North TN could possibly influence the possibilities of rains more clearer skies in the districts of Cuddalore, Perambalur & Ariyalur is likely to aid the development of thunderstorms in these areas with a firm possibility of one or two places seeing moderate to heavy rains today evening / late night.


North Tamil Nadu is also likely to see rains at a few places with one or two places getting heavy spells at times.  Like yesterday there is a fair chance for places closer to Chennai to get a spell or two of thunderstorms.  Whether this would translate into something for the city we will have to watch out for the wind pattern.   Interestingly today could be another very early sea breeze day with possibly temperatures reaching around 35 degrees in Chennai.  Models indicate a fairly strong sea breeze front to move inland during the afternoon which could possibly aid the development of thunderstorms in Tiruvallur & Kanchipuram districts.


For some national news parts of North India is likely to receive very heavy spells of rains today under the influence of multiple cyclonic circulations embedded as part of the monsoon trough.  These rains are likely to be slightly to the North of the rain belt that ravaged parts of MP last week.