Rains in Tamil Nadu to ease as Delta districts get good rains yesterday

After a spell of few days Rains in Tamil Nadu is expected to ease today.  While the previous two days rains in Tamil Nadu were focussed over the North Coastal region yesterday the delta districts got a good spell of rains.   Many places in Trichy, Thanjavur, Thiruvarur & Nagappattinam districts got moderate to heavy spells of rains.  Also parts of Salem, Namakkal & Erode districts also got moderate rains in the West interior region.


After a good couple of days of rains, things are expected to slightly ease from today onwards.   More stable weather conditions are likely to evolve with the rainfall prospects restricted to a few isolated pockets of the Coastal Tamil Nadu possibly under the influence of sea breeze trigger.


Partly cloudy conditions is expected to keep the temperatures under check over most parts of the state with a few places in South TN seeing the day time maximum temperature stay around 37 degrees.  Places in North Tamil Nadu like Chennai could see day time temperature stay around 33 / 34 degrees. Because of the possibly weak temperature gradient there could be a possibility of sea breeze not providing the necessary ammunition for the thunderstorms to develop

Chennai could see isolated thunderstorms pop around the evening these could be extremely isolated and may not provide wide spread rains like the last few days.