Rain break for Chennai a firm possibility

Conditions were very good for Chennai to receive some rains yesterday and today morning.  Despite most models are predicting and some strong hope from us and other weather blogs as well except for a few isolated rains last morning Chennai did not receive any decent spell of rain.   Theoretically these two days were the best opportunity for rains until it takes a few days break from Chennai.  With that window gone now we would have to wait for things to evolve until around weekend or may be early next week for the next decent spell of rains subject to conditions moving into our favour.

Considering the water storage in the catchment areas around Chennai we are as desperate as everybody else for rains to show up on a sustained basis but it looks like with the pattern right through long dry spells are the order of the day this Northeast Monsoon for Chennai.


A marginal Low pressure in the Arabian Sea and a low pressure trough at a similar latitude in the Bay of Bengal mean a very high prospect of possibly the heaviest spell of rains for Sri Lanka over the course of next 3/4 days.  South Tamil Nadu along with Kerala will also get some decent rains with one or two places getting isolated heavy spells