Partly Cloudy Conditions to keep Chennai temperature under check

The last couple of days have seen cloudy weather in Chennai that has lead to moderate weather conditions prevailing in the city.  Yesterday both the observatories recorded about 33 degrees as many places in North Tamil Nadu recorded normal or slightly normal temperatures.  South Tamil Nadu though continued to remain hot with temperatures in the region of 37 / 38 degrees.


Things are expected to remain the same today as Chennai and surrounding areas of North Tamil Nadu is likely to see moderately warm conditions with temperatures staying around 33 / 34 degrees.  Partly cloudy conditions thanks to the low pressure in Bay is likely to keep the temperatures under check in Chennai.  South Tamil Nadu is likely to see hot conditions continue with temperatures staying around 37 / 38 degrees


Parts of South India is likely to see rains continue under the impact of Low Pressure that now lies off the coast of North Andhra / Odisha coast.  In particular parts of Maharashtra & Telengana could see heavy rains in a few places as Mumbai possibly sees a third straight day of fairly heavy spells of rains.

There is some possibility of isolated spells of rains over Coastal Tamil Nadu.  But as things stand we could see cloudy conditions dominate rather than sustained spells of rains over Tamil Nadu.