Parting gift from Kyant – Stage set for Northeast Monsoon 2016

The stage is set for Northeast Monsoon 2016 around Diwali as Kyant in a parting gift before completing its life cycle is expected to drag in the Easterlies to set the platform for the onset of Northeast Monsoon 2016 around Diwali day.  With Kyant going through the final phase of its cycle under the influence of unfavorable atmospheric conditions it is likely to move in more SW as a much weakened system possibly perishing close to South AP / North TN Coast as a Low Pressure Area.

As this video would illustrate the rapid disintegration Kyant went through in a matter of few hours though we could possibly some bit of recovery thanks to little bit of Easterly moisture that is expected to keep the system alive over the nest 12 – 24 hours or so.

Nevertheless Cyclone Kyant has managed to bring something very good to the table, lower level Easterlies, to make Northeast Monsoon 2016 a reality around Diwali day. As the wind chart shows we start to see consistent Easterlies from 29th with coastal AP & Coastal Tamil Nadu seeing rains around 29th / 30th October from the remnants of Cyclone Kyant to kick start the monsoon.


The rains are expected to start from 29th late evening / night over North Tamil Nadu Coast and subsequently move a little bit to the interiors as well in what could be the first rains of Northeast Monsoon 2016.