Mango Showers likely in a few places over Karnataka & Kerala

Weather Update
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The last couple of days have seen thunderstorms starting to appear over Peninsular India. On Monday many places in and around both Hyderabad & Bengaluru saw season’s first pronounced thunderstorms. Similarly places in Dindigul, Tirunelveli & Theni districts also recorded light rains in Tamil Nadu.

While Interior areas of Tamil Nadu, in particular, the places in Western Interior TN have been seeing well above normal temperatures the coastal parts of the state like Chennai has come back to near normal temperatures for the last couple of days. Today is no exception with places around Karur / Tiruppur / Erode districts likely to see day time maximum temperatures stay around 5 degrees above normal while most other parts of the state will see couple of degrees higher than normal.

The Mango Shower season will soon be more pronounced as with each passing day the wind instability appears to firm according to Weather Models. Today once again we are likely to see a few places in Karnataka & Kerala see Mango showers while parts of Telengana and adjoining Maharashtra could also see thunderstorms in a few places with right conditions during the afternoon. One or two places in the windward side of Western Ghats could see light to moderate rains in Tamil Nadu.