Light Isolated Rains likely over Central & South Tamil Nadu

Under the influence of the Easterlies some parts of Coastal Tamil Nadu is likely to see isolated rains over the next 24 hours or so.  Going by available model indications the rains are likely to be isolated in Central and South Tamil Nadu with mostly passing showers and light spells.  Under the orographic effect one or two places along the Western Ghats in Southern Tamil Nadu could see heavier spells of rains later in the day as the moisture laden clouds end up bracing against the Ghats.

Models indicate the rains to be south of Pondicherry in all probability with cloudy cover and may be drizzles for places closer to the coast in North Tamil Nadu.  Chennai could see cloudy conditions with stiff surface winds from the East.  Occasional drizzle might happen around early morning in one or two places.

Due to cloudy skies the next couple of days the days will be warm and humid while the nights will be warmer with no wintery feeling in places like Chennai

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