Heavy Midnight Rains in Chennai, another day of late night rains likely

After a break of few days Rains in Chennai are back and true to September style the storms formed late in the evening over places to the West of Chennai and made slow progress towards the coast with rains lashing the city when most of the citizens were asleep.  The West & Northern suburbs of Chennai got the best spell with Puzhal recording the highest rains among the various weather stations in Chennai clocking an impressive 42 mm in two hours between 9:30 PM & 11:30 PM proving September Rains in Chennai are possibly the most intense thunderstorms which the city sees if one were to ignore the tropical disturbance aided monsoon rains.


Conditions are conducive for another day of convectional thunderstorm activity over North Tamil Nadu with models indicating Convective Energy to be conducive enough for the thunderstorms to form late in the evening over the interior parts of the state.  Additionally though expected to be delayed a fairly strong sea breeze front is expected to move in today which is likely to aid the thunderstorms as well making it a day with good probability of rains over Interiors and then moving subsequently to the coast.


Coastal Maharashtra is likely to see the heaviest spell of rains so far in this Southwest Monsoon season as it braces for what potentially could be some localized flooding as the slow moving Circulation over Peninsular India.   Konkan coast around Mumbai is likely to see the heaviest rains in the region as the rain bands slowly move from East to West over the next day or two.



North Coastal Tamil Nadu and parts of Delta coast is likely to see thunderstorm activity today with some chance for places around Madurai also seeing isolated spells of rains in the region.  Chennai is likely to see cloudy skies in the morning which is likely to clear as the day progresses for the temperature to touch around 35 degrees.  Fair chance of rains exists for the city with once again the rains possibly expected late in the evening like yesterday.