Fairly widespread Rains in Chennai, Light drizzle to set the pattern

Yesterday saw fairly widespread rains in Chennai with most areas of Chennai getting moderate to heavy spells of rains in the evening and later in the night.  The heaviest spells of rains happened in South Chennai around Chennai Airport & Tambaram region.  The interesting thing about yesterdays rains were clear spells of rains which were separate and possibly showed different wind steering impacts as well.


Another interesting thing about rains in Chennai yesterday is the rainfall pattern in comparison with rest of Tamil Nadu.  Normally during Southwest Monsoon thunderstorm season not often you see rains in Chennai is possibly higher than rest of the state.  Thunderstorms normally form in the interiors and move towards the coast with  more often than not the interior places getting higher rains compared to the coastal areas.   Yesterday except for isolated places like Lower Kothaiyar across the state places around Chennai has got the highest rains yesterday.

We could possibly say his was pretty much a Made for Chennai Rains.


With the low pressure now pretty much parked right over South Coastal Odisha we are seeing a huge amount of moisture migration happening over Peninsular India as the disturbance pulls in the monsoon surge towards Bay.  South Karnataka particularly around the ghat regions which has seen a poor monsoon onset could see heavy rains in few places like yesterday under the pull effect.   Coastal AP and parts of Telengana could see another day of  moderate to heavy rains while the rain bands slowly start moving north towards Central India as the low pressure moves towards the monsoon trough..

Chennai is likely to see the light drizzle continue for a couple of hours in the morning which will possibly keep the temperature very pleasant today and retain the temperatures lower than normal.  North TN could see isolated rains continue in the evening while places in Western Ghats and South TN could see heavy rains in a place or two.